Social media is everywhere. It’s used to address complaints quickly, it’s used to promote products and services to an engaged audience, and it’s used to raise brand awareness. There’s no escaping it.

Use it well, and it can make a real difference to your business. But if you’re complacent, it can have the opposite effect. Social media accounts ‘die on the vine’ if they are left unattended.

You’ll probably lose followers if you don’t post frequently enough. And you’ll be lucky to gain any new ones if you don’t post enough to differentiate yourself from your competitors. Customer participation in social media accounts can have a positive impact on the perception of a brand, and create a dialogue with clients or customers that can’t be replicated by more traditional communication tools.

After all, social media is perceived as the most convenient, fast and efficient way to communicate. Organisations that are slow to adapt their social media efforts risk being left behind.

And you might not have the resources to make this happen. That’s where social media management reseller panels come in.

A low cost, but highly effective means of generating increased social media engagement, including Facebook likes, Twitter retweets, Instagram comments, YouTube views and more, SMM reseller panels are a hot property in the world of social media, and the sooner you get on board, the better.

Increasingly, organisations without the time or the team to dedicate to a dynamic social dialogue with their customers are turning to SMM reseller panels to ensure frequent activity on their social media channels.

These panels work by integrating (usually through an Application Programming Interface or ‘API’) with your social media accounts so that you can ‘pay for likes’ and grow your social media audience. This can help generate discussion with your followers, increase your visibility in the marketplace and drive more traffic to your website.

White Label SEO can give you access to social media management panels that you can then resell to your own clients – effectively monetising SEO. All panel activity can be measured using our dashboard, which gives your clients unprecedented control over their social media activity. Here they will be able to control their SEO spend, analyse social media activity and gauge the success of their campaigns, all in one central, easy to use location.

This means your clients have real-time visibility of the effectiveness of their campaigns and access to measurable insight at the click of a button.

So who can benefit the most from this tool?

Well, they are most appropriate for businesses without the time, funds or resources to invest in a dedicated social media team, or simply organisations who are looking to increase their existing ‘fan base’.

So that’s basically everyone.

The beauty of SMM reseller panels is that they can increase activity on social media with minimal input – so if your clients want to get ahead in social media, there are worse places to start than with a social media management reseller panel.