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Entry level

Entry Level Social Content Writing Service


£69.95 Additional £50 setup fee in first month.

  • Entry Level Social Content Writing Service
  • Designed to deliver the perfect amount of social content
  • Business Related Content and Images
  • Custom hints and tips for your client's industry
  • And much more...
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LIVE social media

For companies looking for a fully managed service



  • Everything in the Strategic Package
  • This is the equivalent of employing a full time social media expert
  • Dedicated telephone number for your client to contact our team (your team!)
  • Social media interaction
  • And much more...
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Entry Level Social Content Writing Service

This is an entry level service allowing very small businesses to outsource their social media when they don't have the time or inclination to post for themselves.

We will write social content on behalf of your clients and the profit margins are great! All branded as you, of course.

Designed to deliver the perfect amount of social content, at the right frequency, for each platform. Our experts will profile your client's company and create a tailored program of promotion which goes out 5 days a week.

3 or 4 daily tweets
5 weekly image tweets
2 daily posts
5 weekly image posts
2 daily updates
5 weekly image posts

Also includes:

  • Social Dashboard Pro Account
  • Custom content about your client's company
  • Custom hints and tips for your client's industry
  • Your client can interact with us via white label support system
  • Easy 7-14 day content review system
  • All content by native English speakers

What your client can expect

  • Keep social media feeds active and interesting
  • Reach new potential customers
  • Enable people to find your client via social media
  • Track the campaign easily inside the dashboard

We would suggest 100% mark up.

Single Platform
£69.95 Per Month
Any Two Platforms
£139.90 £84.95 Per Month
All Three Platforms
£209.85 £119.95 Per Month
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Strategic Social Media Campaign

This is a more advanced service aimed at small to medium sized businesses. Our team of experts will manage their social profiles for Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. Instagram and Pinterest can be added for an additional fee. Contact us for more information.

This package includes everything in the Entry Level Package as well as...

  • High quality, tailored, images and social media content.
  • Finding and posting appropriate supportive and engaging articles
  • Short lived and seasonal promotions.
  • Whiteboard "explainer" video custom created and promoted for your client's company
  • Entire social dashboard in your client's brand, hosted on your domain
  • 2 x custom designs (branded) in the visual composer tool

What your client can expect

  • Increased audience followers/likes
  • Real, relevant, followers
  • Content engagement
  • Enquiries and sales leads

We would suggest a 50% mark up.

Strategic Campaign
From £645 Per Month

LIVE Social Media Campaign

This is the equivalent of employing a full time social media expert at your client's company, at a fraction of the price.

This package includes everything in the Strategic Package above as well as...

  • Website social retargeting (we'll make a series of ads and run them in social media to drive traffic to the client's website).
  • Social media interaction. We will respond to and initiate comments and interaction within your clients social profiles, including answering questions and queries.
  • Weekly blog article to be posted on your client's website and promoted within the social media content.
  • Monthly managed and distributed press release of anything new and exciting that is happening within your client's company.
  • 10 x custom designs (branded) in the visual composer tool.
  • Custom video service (for people, promotions, products or services).

What your client can expect

  • Larger budgeted ad campaigns
  • Substantially increased reach
  • Increased, targeted audience of followers/likes
  • Real, relevant, targeted followers
  • Increased content engagement
  • Increased enquiries and sales leads
  • Audience personally engaged with comments & likes
  • Queries & comments answered
  • Lead management
  • Monthly competitions & prizes

We would suggest a 30% mark up.

Live social media
From £2345 Per Month

Social Dashboard Pro Accounts

All our content writing accounts come with a free PRO account for your client, allowing them to manage their social media content and review the content we have supplied. In addition to this you can also supply a top end social media management dashboard as a standalone service.

Compete with Buffer & Hootsuite with your own Social Media Management Dashboard. Allows your clients to have a free trial of your beautiful, intuitive, social platform.

You can sell your Social Media Dashboard Pro Accounts at whatever price point you wish. We recommend 150% - 400% mark up.

After free trial we will handle the billing (white label) and charge them a monthly fee that you set. We will deduct £3.99 GBP which will be converted into your chosen currency at the prevailing exchange rate.

Social Pro Accounts
£3.99 Per Month

All prices displayed exclude VAT. Applies to EU sales only. Figures outside of GBP are approximate and will be calculated on the day at the prevailing exchange rate.

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BRANDED Control Panel

You and your clients get a state of the art social media management control panel. It's all branded as you, and it even works off your domain name by the magic of DNS CNAMES (something like

Your admin control panel allows you to set up your marketing, download free and pro user lists, download ad click leads, track Free and Pro accounts and see your financial metrics of monthly fees.

BRANDED Sales Material

Your admin panel contains a resources section, packed full of useful stuff. You'll find email templates and sales training guides, branded PDFs to send to your clients, along with a comprehensive guide to growing your social media platform via email marketing, SEO, PPC, Blogging, free and paid social media and much much more. All the tools and documents you'll need to get your clients (and potential clients) using your social media management platform.

BRANDED Client Signup Area

You can sign up an unlimited amount of users to your incredible social media management dashboard from a highly effective page on your own domain (like You never need to spend a single penny, we deduct our (small) fees from Pro accounts ONLY. We only make money if you do.

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How easy is it for me to start my own brand social media management dashboard?

It's easy. We’ll provide training documents to help you market your platform. You can be benefitting from your own social media platform within just a few days of signing up.

Simply get in touch on 020 8185 0275 or ...

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How much can I charge?

You can charge as much as you like. We recommend performing A/B split testing with different price points to see which one converts your users best. Don't forget that even your free users are valuable. They will be exposed to your ads almost daily.

Is there a contract?

There is no ongoing contract for any account - your clients (and you) are free to leave whenever you like. Use it to create a revenue stream from existing users or as a brand new, highly profitable, service. Either way, we're sure you'll love it.

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